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How Are Retirement Benefits & Pensions Divided In a California Divorce?

If you are getting a divorce, you may have questions concerning your property and how the court will decide who gets certain assets. California is a community property state, meaning that all marital ...
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Study Finds Divorce May Promote Obesity in Children

A study from Norway has pointed to signs that divorce may be a significant factor in obesity for children. According to researchers, children from divorced homes face a significantly higher risk for ...
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Custody of Twins: Lessons from the David Tutera Split

Famed wedding coordinator David Tutera is in the heat of a custody battle with former partner Ryan Jurica. According to The Los Angeles Times, Tutera's fraternal twins were separated as a result ...
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Can Oxycontin Improve Marriage?

According to new research by the University of Oxford, there may be a drug that could help to improve your failing marriage. Researchers at this prestigious university have discovered that the hormone ...
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Establishing Paternity at Any Time

If you believe that you have a child and you are not a legal guardian or have not been recognized as the biological parent of that child, all you need to do is seek a paternity test to confirm whether ...
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Filing for Divorce or Annulment?

For whatever reason, you have decided it is time to end your marriage. Whether you and your spouse have been together for a week or for years, there is something not working and you are convinced that ...
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Tips for Divorcing Woman and Their Finances

It is the new year, and perhaps you chose to endure through your marriage the last few months so you and your family could enjoy the holiday in peace. Or at least not be so focused on the fact that ...
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Can You Reverse a Legal Separation?

Legal separations are not the same as divorces. If you are involved in a legal separation, then you still have the ability to get back together with your spouse if you reconcile with that person. This ...
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What is an Emotional Divorce?

When you and your spouse leave each other, move into separate residencies, and cease to share life together, that is considered a physical divorce. There is also such thing as an emotional divorce. ...
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Divorce Payments and Taxes

If you are in the midst of divorce or have just determined the alimony and support payment plans that will follow you after your marriage is dissolved, you may be curious about the tax implications. ...
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Establishing Paternity of a Child Born out of Wedlock

If you are a single parent, then you may not be familiar with your child’s lineage. While mothers are often aware of potential partners, they may not be certain who the father of their baby is. ...
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Life After Divorce: Celebrities Serve as Examples

If you are currently pondering divorce, you may be worried about what will happen to you after you have untangled yourself from your spouse. Even if you are in an unhappy marriage, you may be ...
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Ways to Increase the Cost of a Divorce

If you are getting a divorce at present, then there are some things that you don’t want to do. One of these costly behaviors is being forgetful. Don’t let your emotions cloud your ...
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Welcome to Our Burbank Family Law Blog!

According to a report released by, more than 11 percent of the population in Burbank is divorced – which means that out of every 10 people over the age of 15, one of them has gone ...
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