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Life After Divorce: Celebrities Serve as Examples

If you are currently pondering divorce, you may be worried about what will happen to you after you have untangled yourself from your spouse. Even if you are in an unhappy marriage, you may be apprehensive about leaving someone who has constantly been there for you. Yet as many celebrities have evidenced this week, there is life after divorce.

For example, Katie Holmes famously divorced Tom Cruise earlier this year. Now, she is starring in Theresa Rebeck’s play “Dead Account” on Broadway and busying herself with life in New York. Heidi Klum is another 2012 divorce who used the time she gained after her divorce to launch a brand new kids clothing line that is now available in Toys “R” Us. She has also struck up a relationship with her bodyguard and admits that she is certainly “in love” with the man.

Russell Crowe called off his marriage with his wife Danielle Spencer in October after 9 years of marriage. Since then, he has been busy working on the musical spectacular “Les Miserables” alongside High Jackman and Anne Hathaway. The highly anticipated motion picture event has been consuming most of his time, but he has also been acting as Noah in a Noah’s Ark movie that is coming out in 2013.

Amy Poehler from “Parks and Recreation” split from her husband in September and has been busy preparing for her role as the co-host for the Golden Globe Awards alongside Tina Fey. Katy Perry is another 2012 divorcee who has gone on to achieve much since she said goodbye to her husband Russell Brand. She recently accepted the honor of Billboard’s Top Woman of the Year for 2012. If you are worried that there won’t be any life after divorce, think again. There are many achievements and adventures that may be out there waiting for you, just like this these men and women. Talk to a Burbank family attorney to take the next big step towards divorce and get a fresh lease on life.

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