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Tips for Divorcing Woman and Their Finances

It is the new year, and perhaps you chose to endure through your marriage the last few months so you and your family could enjoy the holiday in peace. Or at least not be so focused on the fact that you and your spouse are choosing to divorce. Many couples were encouraged to wait until the start of 2013 if they were planning on divorcing, not only though give them time to really think through this life changing decision, but also to not have to feel every eye watching you over the Christmas dinner table because you said the "D" word. Some woman have also decided to wait until the new year so that they could have time to prepare themselves for the divorce process, and not risk being unable to find the necessary documents.

Particularly for that woman who works at home, a lot is at stake if you are planning on filing for a divorce and it is necessary to make sure that all of your financial ducks are in a row. According to the financial gurus, also known as Forbes magazine, they have suggested numerous tips regarding woman and their finances when filing for a divorce so that you won't be supported or overwhelmed with the many details later on. First off, if you are at all concerned that your spouse may have a difficult time with the divorce, or attempt to hide important documents from you consider gathering the necessary paperwork before discussing your fears and concern of the marriage. These documents would include your credit card reports, all your bank statements, income statements, brokerages, and the like. If you are worried about your spouse, make copies and keep them safe. For others, this may just help you with the planning stage.

Next, evaluate your credit. This means getting a copy of your credit report and going through it with a fine tooth comb for any red flags that may appear. If they do take a good note of these! This step is particularly important for wives who believe their husbands may be spending too much time with another woman (the same goes for husbands and cheating wives as well). You will also want to consider opening a credit card account under your own name while you are still married. Especially if you are a stay at home mom, getting approved for credit when you haven't had a job in 30 years may be difficult, so do this before officially filing for a divorce.

Next, and likely the most important step is to contact a skilled and experienced Burbank divorce attorney! At Cutter & Lax we are committed to each of our clients and are prepared to help you with any and all of your divorce and family legal matters. By working closely with a divorce attorney, they will be able to guide you through the many steps involved in a divorce, and our firm is the place for you!

Lastly, be watchful and be careful. For some couples, the divorce will just be the next phase of life after many years, while for others it has been a miserable and perhaps even unsafe environment for you to be in. Whatever the case, do what need to be done for you to be happy and feel safe; and for you that may mean going through with the divorce. Also, be on the lookout for spouses who hide assets. This may mean overstating their debt, undervaluing their property or income, etc. Be prepared for whatever may lie ahead, and discuss with your attorney any concerns or fears you may have! Contact us today and we would love to discuss the different options available to you, and get you started on the road to life after divorce.

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