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Can Oxycontin Improve Marriage?

According to new research by the University of Oxford, there may be a drug that could help to improve your failing marriage. Researchers at this prestigious university have discovered that the hormone oxycontin can improve marital well0being because it facilitates attachment in bonding in the patient. A paper that will published in the medical journal Current Opinion in Psychiatry says that an intranasal dose of this hormone, in connection with marriage counseling, has been known to improve closeness between married partners.

This isn't the first time that psychological and medical researchers have explored the effects of oxycontin in relationships. In 2008, a study at the University of Zurich discovered that couples who received a dose of oxycontin in the form of a nasal spray were generally happier. They listened closer, laughed more often, and exhibited more positive behavior. They also worked through conflict easier and generally appeared to be more agreeable.

An Israeli study on the subject of oxycontin also discovered that the receptor genes in the hormone are linked to empathy, and can cause couples to strive to understand each other better. This drug should never be suggested in place of marriage counseling, as hormones alone are not effective in repairing a marriage.

In some cases, divorce may be the only way out of a difficult union. If you in a marriage that is causing you to fall into depression or making things difficult for you, then you need to hire a lawyer at Cutter & Lax to help. You may want to consider filing for divorce, and a San Fernando divorce attorney from our firm can be there for you every step of the way. With legal representation, you won't need to be worried about the logistics of your divorce. Cutter & Lax want to make this process as easy as possible for you, so call them today to set up you intial free consultation.

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