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Establishing Paternity at Any Time

If you believe that you have a child and you are not a legal guardian or have not been recognized as the biological parent of that child, all you need to do is seek a paternity test to confirm whether or not you are correct. If you are the biological parent of the child in question, this may give you some legal rights to visitation or custody of that young one. When a child is born to a married couple, the hospital presumes that the husband is the child's father.

Most of the time a father will sign the birth certificate declaring that he is the parent. When unmarried couples have a child together, the authorities may not recognize a boyfriend as the father of the child. Most of the time, the government will suggest that a man gets a paternity test in order to prove that he is the rightful dad of the child. This is because in the event of a break up, a father who has never established paternity may not be allowed to have custody of the child.

You can determine paternity of a child at any time during that child's life. Parents who get married after their child is born have the right to sign a legitimation form which will officially declare that the children are theirs. If parents never marry, then paternity can be established voluntarily. Parents can only establish this if they are certain of the father's identity.

When parents want to confirm the father, they can request a voluntary acknowledgement of paternity and then file a form with the court or the appropriate state agency. This will allow the court to amend the birth certificate and add the father's name. If a paternity issue has jeopardized your ability to spend time with your children, then you need to talk to a Burbank family attorney at Cutter & Lax today for more information!

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