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Study Finds Divorce May Promote Obesity in Children

A study from Norway has pointed to signs that divorce may be a significant factor in obesity for children. According to researchers, children from divorced homes face a significantly higher risk for either being overweight or obese (54% more likely)—especially in regards to abdominal obesity (89% increased risk).

One of the study authors, Anna Biehl, had this to say: "We now have knowledge about how childhood overweight and obesity is distributed [among the Norwegian population." Something that could likely have correlating factors to children from other countries, as well—such as the United States.

The study also found that boys were more vulnerable to gaining excess weight, with the statistics showing that boys with divorced parents were 63% more likely to be overweight and 104% more likely to have abdominal obesity. Statistics from the study found that boys who came from single-parent homes, as well as boys who have parents who were never married or who had separated, were just as likely to be overweight.

It, however, is important to note that the study currently only points to correlation—not causation, and it therefore cannot be stated that divorce causes children to become overweight or obese. The study currently points to the possibility of some reasons for the correlation, which include the following:

  • Less money available to be spent on food;
  • Less time for parents to create healthy meals; and/or
  • More emotional stress leading to unhealthy eating habits.

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