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Do I Even Need a Divorce Lawyer?
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Do I Need a Burbank Family Lawyer?

Work with a Lawyer Board Certified in Family Law

For many people, it is tempting to think that you can handle your divorce on your own. Just a couple of minutes searching through the Internet will bring you to countless sites that are touting "do-it-yourself" divorce kits and giving tips on how to forgo hiring a lawyer. This, however, could be a detrimental mistake. Sure, if everything goes perfectly, you may be able to pull off handling a divorce without an attorney. Perfection, however, happens rarely. What if something does go wrong? If you are without a lawyer, you are essentially putting yourself without any form of protection, without any strong ability to fight for yourself.

Why Hiring a Burbank Divorce Attorney is Good for You

At Cutter & Lax, we want you to know that hiring an attorney is not only good for you - it's good for your family. By hiring a Burbank divorce attorney, you will be giving yourself an advocate on your side who is truly interested in the outcome of your case. If there are complications with property division or heavily contested issues (ex: alimony or child custody), you will better be able to handle them by working with an experienced lawyer. We can enter into negotiations in and out of the courtroom and present a case on your behalf - helping to ensure that you are not taken advantage of and that your best interests are not forgotten.

Family law cases are about more than you. Do you really want to gamble with your family? At our firm, we can fight to preserve those relationships and help you move forward cleanly into the next chapter of your life. Beyond that, we can help to address the complex family laws that you are facing - providing accessible explanations of what you are facing and what you need to do. We can also make sure that all of the proper steps are taken, as well as ensuring that paperwork is filled out & filed correctly. If you have further questions and would like to learn how we can help, please do not hesitate to contact us as soon as possible.

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