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Burbank Paternity Attorney

At Cutter & Lax, we understand the implications and importance of helping clients who are struggling with paternity issues. No matter whether you are a father who is seeking to prove paternity of your child(ren), are a mother who is attempting to prove paternity to seek rightful child support or otherwise, you can trust in the legal experience of our firm. Paternity cases involve the court making a legal declaration for who a child's legal and rightful parents are - this can affect everything from custody to visitation rights to child support.

In most divorce and family law cases, paternity is of little question. If, however, there are doubts or if the parents were unmarried and are unsure, it can cause significant complications. Establishing parentage can completely change the trajectory of any given family law case and it is important that you have a lawyer on your side to represent your best interests. In cases where an individual does not admit to being a parent, the court will require the mother, child and alleged father to submit to genetic testing.

Helping with Complex Burbank Paternity Cases

If a father is established as the parent, it can often open up an entire new area of the law - bestowing them with all of the legal responsibilities of being a parent. If you find that you are facing a case involving parentage, it is extremely important that no time is involved in contacting an experienced Cutter & Lax attorney. This is not the time to simply hope for the best - you need a lawyer on your side who is invested in the outcome of your case and who will be there to guide you through all of the different steps. To learn more and to see how our firm can help you, please do not hesitate to contact us today.

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