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Remain Involved in Your Child's Life After Divorce

Divorce becomes particularly complicated when children are involved. As a parent, you want to make sure that your child is well cared for after you and the other parent dissolve your marriage, which involves you remaining a part of your child's life. Anyone who does not have custody of their child is still able to obtain a visitation order. California family law requires parenting plans in divorce, where the two parents either draft their own agreement or litigate for a court order.

Perhaps you and your spouse have come to agree the he or she will have custody of the child, but you will still have visitation rights that allow you to spend scheduled time with your child. On the other hand, your spouse may have been given custody of your child by the court, which means that you need to fight for a visitation order. Cutter & Lax, Attorneys at Law is a skilled family law firm that is more than capable of helping you obtain visitation rights and protect those rights that you already have.

Litigating for Visitation Rights

In order to obtain fair visitation rights in a divorce, you will need to prove to the court that your child's best interests include spending valuable time with you. Children need both of their parents in their life when the child's relationships with each parent are healthy and safe. By proving to the court that you and your child have a healthy relationship and that severing that relationship will harm your child, you will have the best possible chance of obtaining the visitation rights that you and your child deserve.

Mothers' and Fathers' Rights

In years past, mothers were shown preference in child support and custody cases. Children were usually placed in the care of the mother, and the father would be required to pay support. Visitation was hardly ever something that the mother would require. Today, mothers and fathers are supposed to be treated equally in divorce cases that involve children. Whether you are a mother or a father looking to obtain visitation rights, Cutter & Lax can fight to defend those rights and obtain the court order that is fair.

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